What have i done?

  • published or featured in the new yorker,
    the gothamist, newsday, the knot,
    brides.com, and a bunch of others.

  • past clients include
    Nike, Adidas, Ticketmaster, Bombay Sapphire, the Met, Native Instruments, Sony Records, Juice Press, Door Dash, and others

  • 10+ years experience in
    event photojournalism

  • professionally trained in photo manipulation,
    retouching and color management.

Featured as one of Snappr’s New York City's
highest-rated photographers!

what can i do?

  • portraits / headshots

  • weddings / special events

  • photojournalism

  • studio / model work

  • glamour

  • newborns and children

  • candids street photography

  • retouching & editing

  • proficient in : photoshop, lightroom

  • videography

  • video editing in premier

  • video color grading

  • consultation

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my purpose

it is fairly simple.. to always find the humanity in what i do. i shoot events because they are special to people, not for my portfolio. i shoot portraits to find the subtlety in strangers, not for a credit on their reel. i walk the streets with my camera to learn how to appreciate the connection i have with my surroundings.

my goal is to help capture moments that mean something to you



my little story

growing up with parents both in the business of visuals, one being a photographer and the other a florist, I was encouraged to use my eyeballs in a different way. growing up a pretty shy kid, as i got older, i used the camera as a way to interpret and interact with my world.

always being on the lookout for a photo has allowed me to stay mindful and appreciative of the things often overlooked. so, very naturally i started as a street photographer.

i started documenting my home - new york city. having to keep up with the pace of these streets was an invaluable education in the fleeting nature of true human moments, and how being intimate with your camera is important if you don't want to miss them. 

i had fallen in love with street photography and wanted to know more. from that point, i had taken on seminars, classes, and tutoring from one of NY's most renowned photo retouchers.

i then worked in house at one of long island's most popular wedding and event photography studios - starting as an assistant, eventually moving up to be the lead photojournalist photographer and head designer/retoucher.

 I had then spent ten years in the studio understanding technique and lighting, and even more time behind the glow of a computer screen studying photoshop and lightroom - allowing me the ability to bring each photo from conception to final product.

i have been many things - web designer, restauranteur, audio engineer - always doing it with a camera in hand realizing..

this is where i belong